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Hey readers, 

Thanks so much for reading this first newsletter in what will hopefully be many to come. I know attention is scarce, especially online, so I will put a lot of effort into finding things that will provide value for you. If we have some overlaps in interest, I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Here's to a great month of May!

- Stinus

What’s interesting in May:

boston dynamic robot

Boston Dynamics

This video is a few months old already, but it's too mind-blowing not to share again. Robots that can interact with the environment have been promised for the last 40 years without anything to show for it.

However, that seems to be changing at an exciting (or terrifying?) rate. Just look how stable and determined this little fucker is! (1:03 min)

Another robot from Boston Dynamics - Atlas - is a humanoid robot that has unrivalled coordination and mobility. (0:55 min)

As Elon Musk puts it on twitter referring to this video: 

boston dynamic robot

Movie: Coco

After seeing Coco, it's a tie between Coco and Up for my favorite animated movie. It was funny, beautiful, and heartwarming. The fact that I just lost my grandfather made me sob uncontrollably at the end. You have to see this movie. If you don't believe me, believe the 97% rotten tomato score.

Trailer: (2:04 min)

boston dynamic robot

Helping a friend monetize her travel blog 

My friend Brittany has been spending the last year teaching English in South Korea while blogging about travel at She has a decent amount of visitors but isn't making money yet. Here's my take on how she could do that: (16:00 min)

homo deus

Month of May book recommendations:

1. Homo Deus: A brief history of tomorrow - Yuval Noah Harari
This book explains how we came to be the planets dominant species and where we're headed. It explores the topics of conciseness, morality and free will. I especially enjoyed the last part of the book that talks about possible futures where the line between human and machines become more and more blurry. It’s a long read, so only pick it up if you're into these subjects.

don't sleep there are snakes book

2. Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes - Daniel Everett
Daniel Everett is a missionary who arrives in the amazon jungle to live among the native tribe - the Pirahãs - with his wife and three children. He spends more than seven years living amongst them and be the end of his journey, he looses his faith. 

The book is a fascinating journey of a life profoundly affected by exposure to a different culture. 

Be sure to also check out his TED talk about his time with the Pirahãs (12:53)

ego is the enemy - ryan holiday

3. Ego Is The Enemy - Ryan Holiday
What is the ego? It’s the voice inside that always wants more, constantly seeks approval and needs to feel better than everybody else. 

Not only does it keep you from being happy and content, it will also screw you over in whatever area of life you try to achieve success. 

I have read this book twice and have taken more notes than almost any other book. It will make you happier and more successful - it's a great investment of your money and time.

All the best!
- Stinus

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