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Hi readers,

This July I have spent a lot of time testing diet changes. Unfortunately, the tests have been unsuccessful so I'll spare you the details until something noticeable happens.
In this month’s newsletter, I will try to write less so that the articles/videos speak more for themselves instead of me forcing my view. If you prefer it better, please let me know.

To a great month of August 🙂

- Stinus

What’s interesting in August:

The world is actually doing quite well

It's pretty easy to be worried about the future when you open up a newspaper. But in many aspects, the world has gotten a lot better especially, for 3rd world countries. (5 mins read)

How to workout smarter

My mantra for working out has always been to go 100% and give it all you got. That is how you progress and how you force your muscles to get bigger. Therefore, I was really surprised when I saw this take on working out from a top performing athlete. (20 mins)

Thought-provoking podcast

Two of my favorite people, psychologist Jordan Peterson and comedian Theo Von, discuss life, personal struggle and human behavior in this podcast. It's funny, beautiful and life-affirming. Give it a listen: (2 hours)

Thing that I really like

My blender, the Nutra Ninja 1500W, is terrific. It's ugly and loud, but oh boy does it get the job done - never again will I have clumps of ice or chunks of fruit in my smoothie!

Month of August book recommendations:

Principles: Life and Work - Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the founder of the biggest hedge fund in the world with more than 100 billion dollars under management. His take on leadership is radical and he has been called crazy and eccentric more than a few times. In this book, he explains his entire life philosophy from personal relationships and happiness to finance and leadership. When a guy like this spills the beans, it's worth listening.

All the best
- Stinus

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